ECOtown, Chang Won City

Sistemazione paesaggistica di nuovo comparto residenziale


Localizzazione: Città di Zhongwei, Cina

Data: 2009

Cliente: Hyundai Engineering and Construction


Chiara Locardi. Concept e Progettazione Paesaggistica

Dott. Agr. C.G.Callari, Consulenza Botanica

Prof. Dr. M. Venturi Ferriolo, Consulenza Storica

Dati dimensionali: 2 blocchi residenziali

Stato: Progetto Preliminare e Definitivo


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ECOtown, Chang Won City

Park and Thematic Gardens of new residential block


Place: Zhongwei City, China

Date: 2009

Client: Hyundai Engineering and Construction


Chiara Locardi, Concept and Final Design

Dott. Agr. C.G.Callari, Botanical Consulting

Prof. Dr. M.Venturi Ferriolo, Storical Consulting

Dimensions: 2 residential blocks

Status: Concept and Final Design










The site of project is between Gye yang mountain and Cholma Mountain, Simkok river and Kong Chon river.

The A21 block occupies the area of border Sud-Est of the New Cheongna City that coasts the channel and belongs to the site Emerald, devoted to the emerald in the context of the precious stones that the concept of the whole project of the new city constitutes, that jumps the preciousness of it.

The area is surrounded by a public wooded band of border, wide 25 meters, and it is totally pedestrian with the access of the car in an underground parking lot.

The site is crossed by a pedestrian axis North-South and from a course of water artificial from East-West. A driveway with ring’s shape, called garden of the time, on which the different pedestrian runs converge, is engraved as a jewel in the center of the dangi.


The project of landscape setup foresees a run of forms and colors of the green in a temporal ideal development, that starts from a native nature without human art, passing through transition phase, ecotone nature, up to reach the consolidate art of gardens, tame nature that organizes and governs the vegetation creating figures and geometric forms.

The open space’s user starts from the first perception of the human eye, that is that of the green of the primitive forest where the humanity was born.

It will be designed a park where the narration develops itself, similarly to the vegetable metamorphosis, as an imaginary emerald that finds in the ring the precious ornament, symbol of the time’s flow.

The park foresees a continuity of gardens, almost a garden of gardens in a story of the evolution of the earth from the forest to the clearing, from the savage to the garden, as a gem worked by the raw state to the final product: a story of the human creativeness.

The leaf becomes a small gem set in a garden of colors, perfumes and discoveries as that of a precious environment where water and vegetation are mixed opening an image of happiness. The predominant evergreen reflects the idea of the continuity of an eternal youth: a constant  renewal pointed out by the nature through the green color.





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