Urban forest park zone

ecological tourism and leisure project


Localizzazione: Zhongwei City, Cina

Data: 2014

Cliente: Zhongwei urban planning bureau


Chiara Locardi, Concept e progettazione paesaggistica

Metro studio, Capogruppo

Dati dimensionali: 770 ha

Stato: Progetto Preliminare


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Urban forest park zone

ecological tourism and leisure project


Place: Zhongwei City, China

Date: 2014

Client: Studio Rigoldi – COEM Co.

Engineering and Management


Chiara Locardi, Concept and Final Design

Metro studio, Team leader

Dimensions: 770 ha

Status: Concept Design










Zhongwei is a famous tourism city in Ningxia province with rich tourism resources.

The development strategy of the city is closely around the new Zhongwei’s construction and harmonious prosperity. Aimed at the city of “livable, recreational, ecological beauty”, speed up the development and become a new clean city with national garden, valuing the environmental protection and becoming the tourism destination. The Urban Forest Park, located in the west of the city and close to the cultural park with the theme of “River Dance”, is not only a water conservation area but also part of the Yellow River wetland protection zone.


The ‘Urban forest’ is both an ecologic strategy in answer to environment problems and to differentiation of tourism types. Increasing vegetation and biodiversity, especially the forest buffer zone, will provide benefit to the city climate and against desertification.

Heterogeneous kind of activities inside the forest park means more incoming resources for local economy and for the project itself. This park will attract different kind of tourism and generate a new economy based on local production and tourism and leisure.

Urban forest will be an urban eco-friendly settlement model, which can be spread out in many other situation, becomeing an urban model pilot project.

This social model will strengthen the local community bringing wealth, new resources and money.




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